We moved into our first home and renovated our entire basement. We were replacing original timbers with new teleposts and wanted to be able to always keep part of our first house with us. They finished the timbers into an amazing matching coffee table and end table set for us so we can carry a piece of our first home with us no matter where we move.
— Phil & Natalie

Our table has a special story. My Dad always loved trees. He also loved my Mom. He took a job when he was 19 cutting down trees to save up enough money to buy my Mom a ring. He told me years later he felt sad every time he brought down one those great big trees, so he kept a slice of one to remember that time (this also probably explains why we planted acres and acres of trees on our land #treekarma ?). We found that slice in our barn years later and decided after my Dad passed away it was time to get it cleaned up. Dad was good at a lot of things. Woodworking wasn’t one of them. We’re still not sure what he had “sealed” it with originally. I contacted Elk & Elm to see if it could be salvaged and remade into something beautiful. I now think we have a new family heirloom! I know it was a challenge to fix up, but thank you so much Elk & Elm for restoring this peice and giving it a new life.
— Jill Bueddefeld

About the Owner


From a very young age, my passion was to be in the outdoors, especially visiting my grandfather's farm in Western Manitoba.  This passion has not diminished, and I enjoy life in the country each and every day.  Much of my childhood and adolescent years were spent with my dad watching him work hard and taking pride in his tools, and a job well done.  Working with wood has been a great experience for me, and it is always my goal to complete my pieces to be lasting keepsakes for those that I build them for. 

 Do you have an idea in mind?  Collaboration and bouncing ideas off one another tend to produce some of the most interesting and unique pieces out there.  I'd love to hear what you're dreaming up!

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